Photo collection

I’m using Priime as a photo exhibition. I’ve had this gallery about a year and am going to keep it. Check out my photos! All are taken with an iPhone 8 Plus and some are taken with various NOMO cameras.

House, self cleaned; on to writing

With my allergic reaction to water, after about a week of cleaning house and taking care of my self, I’m going to go back to writing my book today. Yay =) You can follow along if you want.

Ice squid moving!

From the bridge in town. I have seen many types before but this was new to me.

Your bicycle

Rode into town a couple days ago during the last of my allergic reaction to flavored water. My girl went into the pharmacy and I leaned over on my bike to rest. This guy comes up and asks if I need help with anything. I was like, I’m just shaking


This is a link to an archive of old notes, journals, and some more books. Old stuff and stuff I haven’t yet formatted to fit with my site. Please enjoy.!LnwwgQ6Z!-zF00V8oiiJEELdm8HYj4w

Getting over allergic reaction to flavored water

I haven’t had allergies as an adult—this one took me by surprise. Three days of vomiting and basically not being able to leave the house. All this made it worse that I couldn’t get down and keep down my medicine for bipolar-type schizoaffective disorder, tardive dystonia, and OCD. Needed Davina’s

Hold whatever order

When zipping together two or more texts into one, hold whichever order they’re already in. This honors the ordering of each text and will tend to order those texts “correctly” in the end. Then make minor adjustments. Just a suggestion.

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