Finished The Guru Principle second draft


The first draft of this book took three months. This second draft took a week. I stopped drinking for the writing of the first draft—and only drank one day, the day Cherie is drinking in the third act.

Now I’m back to not drinking and I may write a book called Purity Ball, based on the purity ball phenomenon in the US, where daughters pledge their virginities to their fathers. This would be a shorter book, perhaps a novella of 30,000 words.

I have a similar concept in draft somewhere, called The Wolves—and my screenplay called The Wolves is also similarly based. But I think it’s a worthwhile concept. Because people really do it, shamelessly, and because it’s so so wrong.

But The Guru Principle has good parts. I think it works as a whole. I would like to add more physical descriptions of Cherie to support her sitting in the front seat of the Land Rover—she’s fit but 40, my age, and of age but also still kinda young. I want to make sure that the mentions of Marty’s backstage staff are non-conflicting and only a little bit funny (like when Larry is doing a couple of things near the end). Also prior to the Cherie-drinking-champagne chapter there is a chapter that seems a little word salad—I’d like to fix that. Little stuff like that. Otherwise I think I’m happy.

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