Anti-bicycle traffic


In Hallstead Pennsylvania cars park in no-parking fire zones. Park over the sidewalks all along our street. Disregard me and D when we drive with them. Disregard the painted pedestrian and bicycle crossing zone. I would love to bust out my phone and record some license plates—but it’s too dangerous. The drivers stare us down. If I was to call the police, it would just lead to scrutiny of D and I. These old-boy motherfuckers are the same 80% white clans that are nowhere to be seen unless they’re out in force in their state trooper SUVs. They aren’t likely to treat a Native American woman and a white boy with the name “Inhaesio Zha” the same as they treat everyone else in this town who they’ve known since birth. So we say nothing, look both ways before crossing, and try not to invite the ire of these fuckheads.

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