There’s an art to using manic energy


I am manic today. I will not be someday soon. There’s an art to using manic energy—or drunk/sober energy—and that is to make it work for segments of a job. It’s timing—like running out the extra words that may exist between new works. It’s don’t be afraid to edit—massively. Don’t consider it sacred. But always produce something no matter what state you’re in. If you’re an alcoholic/writer, you may be unable to stop drinking forever. But that doesn’t give you license not to write at all. If you keep writing while/before/after you drink, you may be drunk but you’re still a writer. Make it work. Not every moment has to be perfect. But if you can write with the monkey on your back, that’s better than nothing. If you struggle so much and spend so much time struggling to get and stay sober (or to deal with anything other than your work) you’ll waste time. Don’t waste time! You may not have everything worked out—who does? But you can slice off energies from here and there—or use whole the natures of the energy you combat—and walk away with something to show for your time.

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