Changes to


I finished my current set of changes to

The book 12 Plays is now invisible on the web and replaced by five of my favorite plays in it—now A Simple Love Story, Carbon and Bullshit, Fucked, The Atlas Interview, and The Wolves are visible on the front page that is the site. They are somewhat edited. The remaining plays in 12 Plays are appropriately archive material—they’re too small or too weak to play. Carbon and Bullshit is the rightful first of these plays. The rest deserve to be on the front page of my site.

The next book I plan to write is called P❌SSY. It will be live written on and I expect to finish summer 2019. It’s a book about pussy written from different points of view. It will be longish, about 90k words.

Next will come Burn—it will also be live written and I expect to finish in the fall of 2019. It’s a book about two burn experiences affecting the narrator. It will be shortish, about 30k words.

I plan to finish 2019 with a book (title unknown—currently titled Kristi) that is a memoir about part of my cousin’s drinking and life experience. She’s writing an outline, then we will conference to flesh it out, then I will write the book and I expect my cousin Kristi will correct parts that are egregiously out of bounds. I’m following a similar process as when I wrote Davina. I didn’t know at the time that I would ever do another memoir of a person..or a person I know..I thought Davina’s book would be the only time but something about Kristi’s stories about this one week she spent living in her car in a grocery store parking lot (drinking eating shitting sleeping) seems like the type of thing I should follow down the rabbit hole. I have to wait to see how much outline my cousin provides and what I do with it before writing, but I expect this will be a medium book for this year, about 60k words.

All but a few books on my site are now stored in the archive (the “packet containing my notes, unfinished novels, and more“) in markdown format and published to my site in html, which seems to be the format that lets me do a little bit of formatting for a whole lot of books..which also looks good on a whole lotta devices whether lap held or hand held or even desk held! This is to reflect the overwhelming trend of people reading on their screens as opposed to reading on paper.

I also took another picture, this one doesn’t crowd the user as much as before.

Step-back picture doesn’t crowd user
Hybrid screenplay format on a laptop screen
Book view on a phone in landscape

That’s pretty much it! I hope these changes will make it easier for you to read my texts on whatever screen you’re using. Any recommendations or further changes, send me mail at

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