Bipolar medicine gaps


This is where the rubber meets the road. A gap in lithium due to weather (4*F) and pharmacy delays. So I felt awful all day and am up for the second night in a row. Playing with my website ( Jamming to Beyoncé. And feeling super excited about what I’m doing. But knowing that I need to get regular on my medicine again so I can be sane enough to write.

My main accomplishment for the day is getting our inside/outside cat to go to the bathroom outside. I tried opening the door for her three times, then picked her up and put her down, walking outside to accompany. When I opened the door, a cloud of frost came in through the screen window. I don’t remember ever seeing that, that strong. Anyway my cat is a hero.

Also, so are my housemates. Thanks for getting along with me, gf and gf’s son. You are cool.

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