Cultural evolution and story


When ideas are presented to a cultural evolutionary system, they appear from within, as unique dots, then as double dots, then as rare strains. These ideas are vulnerable at first and then they either die off forever or they take over forever—those are relative forevers, not absolute ones. They are forevers that last a good long while, not literally forever. Still, as they take over the entire system for a while, they can be said to be dominant for a virtual forever. Almost impossible to go back on.

This is where story happens. Between the point at which a new and challenging idea appears in the relative, lowly culture and the lowly culture’s timeframe..and the point at which the idea is smashed forever by the dominant and existing culture or at which the idea becomes present in the vast majority of culture to live there and stay there forever. That is something I know about story. If you like the idea of a disrupting change, you can say that all stories exist between the point at which the new idea challenges existing ideas by the new idea’s simple existence..and the point at which the new idea either completely disrupts the entire culture (and sets it back down, modified) or at which the disruptive idea is squashed forever by the overriding culture.

Stories do not exist anywhere (anytime) else in a cultural evolutionary model applied to storytelling. Those other times are times of peace. And story does not happen there.

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