How is consciousness?


We think when we die, our consciousness will be gone. Or will live on, here or there. But what about this nature of consciousness:

I am writing a novel now. Putting my consciousness into the novel, expressing thoughts and thoughts in ways that only appear very rarely in the ‘verse. When someone reads the book they will usurp or momentarily follow my consciousness. I say my awareness may not be present. My feeling of self. That feeling will not sit in a person reading my book—or will it? But imagine the degree to which my consciousness is in you is true with someone who reads my book. Even if the current awareness of me does not rise within that person’s head, their consciousness is so much aware as us both! They have popped in a module of me. I respond by voice to that person’s queries, asked of me, as the current me would do so—to a degree.

Just as this momentary awareness seems weird, seems to me a misnomer of consciousness, the way presented here seems to indicate ways we can improve our understanding of consciousness. Maybe my consciousness lives forever. Maybe it lives through selection of tapes from a library available to everyone who comes after.

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