Me around 19yo


Playing with a method for calculating pi to an arbitrary number of places

The only place I could find this method was in Wolfram’s book of formulas. It was credited “pers comm” (or personal communication) and the Wolfram editor called my method bullshit and would not discuss the person the formula came from or the mathematical origin of the formula—they presented the final recursive formula with no relationship to geometry or anything else.

This is an example of how some people won’t even listen to you unless you have a PhD after your name.

I consider myself to have an MFBA (Motherfuckin’ Badass) degree so I work in whatever fields I want, sometimes working on a problem (which most consider unsolvable) for years without any sign that a solution is possible. Here is some work on the factoring problem (a problem people believe is unsolvable) that represents zero progress by me:

People consider the factoring problem to be unsolvable. I consider it both solvable and unsolvable, hence I have justification for spending time on it (and I am compelled to say that methods invented while attacking unsolvable problems themselves have value). To that majority of people who consider factoring unsolvable, it is literally crazy to work on it. So let me tell you, I am crazy. I’m all in. I try to unsheathe myself from every belief possible to make it possible for me to work on whatever type of problems or projects.

That’s beginner’s mind. I would hate to have gotten a PhD and lost my beginner’s mind. It must be scary for your education to sit on your left shoulder telling you never to fail! As many have said, the greater your failure, the greater your success. Academics need to release themselves to fail. It is liberating.

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