It helped me

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It helped me to see, today, an argument on FB between a couple of people, neither of whom were me, and one of whom I’ve had political tit-for-tats with on FB before.  It helped me because I’ve been wanting to, and am making an effort to, retire from that sort of discussion when I don’t feel it’s properly matched or productive.  It helped me to read an argument between two other people that was exactly like the one I want to be done with having with one of those two people, because it helps me to see what’s me and what’s not.  When you break up, the future history of the now-single people can help to see in what proportions each party brought various ingredients into the relational kitchen.

It’s the same thing as hearing from an ex who’s still angry.  It’s not that I’m happy when I hear from an ex who’s still exhibiting whatever patterns I was scared at the time were intrinsic to me, were all my contribution.  I’d rather hear from a happy ex.  But, when I hear from an angry one, or a drinking one, there is a sense of relief as it concerns myself, simply in that it’s an indicator that I can grow and change.

The world goes on without you.  It doesn’t need any one of us.  And when the part of it that goes on without me, is something I’d rather be done with, that is a comfort.

Because I want to feel this way.

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The only reason I feel the way I do today is because I want to feel this way.  If I choose to be drama-free by not going to facebook, if I choose to feel high by running for an hour, there is only one reason, and it is the best one and a simple one and a tricky one too.  I want to.  I laugh when I see ads for schools offering careers in criminal justice, because to seek a career in criminal justice is to expect that there will be criminals.  Worse, it is to require there to be criminals, otherwise you’re out of a job.  Mere intellectuals argue that to expect a world without crime is naive.  We need less intellectualism in our world and more horse sense.  If your job is to bring criminals to justice, then you need for there to be criminals and you will participate in the world in ways that ensure that remains the case.  Too much of our world is oriented toward disaster response (via which we ensure that disasters continue to occur).  Einstein’s phrase says it most cleanly: “intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them”.  Anyone who thinks that we cannot make this world what we want…and by that I mean make every part of it wonderful…is truly naive.  Our impressions create economies.  Our perceptions create realities.  If you don’t see that that is true it is because you haven’t thought it through.  We should not strive to be progressive.  We should strive to be miraculous.  Everything else is fear-based inefficiency.  Our job is to become unafraid, completely, 100%, absolutely unafraid right now.  I don’t think my job is to be part of the problem.  I don’t think my job is to solve the problem.  I think my job is to create, to play, to feel, to be.  I don’t think there’s anything naive about that.  I think that takes daring, I think it is the result of a great deal of consideration and reflection, I think it is the responsible thing to do.  I think we can try to avoid suffering, as the lazy do.  I think we can accept that life is suffering, as the Buddhists do.  I think we can understand that life isn’t any less-worthwhile spent one way or another…that, essentially, no one is pitiable.  No path is pitiable.  The fearful, the squeamish, the ill-informed are the only people I’ve encountered who think that the world is what it is, separate from us.  We are making this happen.  We are making all of this up.  Our political world, and larger, our cultural world, and larger, the connective world of reality, of the world, is a universal creature dreaming itself up.  We, individual people, are part of this universal creature that is dreaming itself up, that is improvising, that is creating itself over and over, imagining itself and how it could be, and then trying that.  There isn’t a way that things should be.  There isn’t {what god likes} or {what god wants to happen}.  There isn’t {right} or {what I like, what I like absolutely}.  This universe doesn’t know what it likes.  It’s playing, trying to figure that out.  But it doesn’t know already.  It’s planning, and executing that plan, and seeing what it can do.  It’s trying out a new set of wheels, it’s taking itself for a spin.  And only as a result of trying things does there become a sense in which our world likes things to be a certain way.  Sometimes I think I have to start with how the world is, and then decide how to feel about it.  That is not the case.  That leads to confusion.  First, start with how I want to feel (blissful).  Then, feel that way.  Then, and only then, decide what to do in the world.

Google’s autocomplete for the word “why”, as of right now

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I don’t know the answer to any of those questions.  And I don’t care to know.  Imagine the neural processes of a person who types “why”, clicks on “is my poop green”, then says “I’m Feeling Lucky”.  Also note that two of the suggested searches involve poop.

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Facebook Friends <3


from an ex-girlfriend: “I know its been a while, and look there’s nothing harsh between us here, but i’d appreciate it if you would take down any pictures of me on your profile. I don’t mind if you leave the ones I have taken of you. Really hope you are happy and doing well. Love Always, [her]”

my reply: No. I’m not moving pics just because you say so. If it was an issue of tagging, I would look at this differently since that would cause the pictures to show up on your page, but these are pictures about my life, which you were in fact a part of, and the only people who will see them are people who are looking for them. Hope you’re well as well, With love, [me]

Also, lol that she is facebook friends with a few people who were primarily “my” friends, some of whom she hardly even knows. Not that there’s anything wrong with being fb friends with people you’ve never been irl friends with, and I’m not requesting that she and I be fb friends, but it’s funny how perfect strangers make better fb friends than people you spent three years of your life with—the former become fb friends, the latter become black holes.