“please email your resume, academic transcript and photo to me”


Me: Stuart and Jones, I’d like to be considered for your C programmer job. I have 10+ years experience doing C, C++, and other high-performance programming work for LexisNexis, Anthem health care, and other companies. My resume is online, and highlights my experience, skills, and also includes over 20,000 lines of sample code in C: http://clownfysh.com/resume Thanks for considering me!
Him: Thanks for your response – please email your resume, academic transcript and photo to me. Thanks, Stuart stuartandjones@fast-mail.org
Me: Will you please clarify what you mean by “photo”..a photo of..?
Him: Sorry I thought my sentence…your resume, academic transcript and photo…made sense, I meant your photo, the photo of you..
Me: No thanks. I’m not applying to your job based on my looks, but on my software engineering abilities. Maybe I just don’t understand. How do you use a photo when evaluating a C programmer as a candidate?