Google end letter


“This is the end, my only friend, the end”

Photo by Leonorah Beverly via under CC BY-NC-SA

I was transferring all my domains out of Google Domains the last few days and Google asked me why I was doing that. It was a message from the Domains product asking for feedback, so I gave them some.

I don’t expect them to write me back as Google has never, ever written me back when I’ve sent them a bug report, suggestion, compliment, or complaint, but I decided this will be the last thing I ever write them and I have to say I feel closure.

Google Domains is great..the best domain manager I know of (beautiful, simple, powerful interface).

However, after..

– having my documents (novels—I am a published novelist) censored (prohibited from being shared) in Docs due to “inappropriate” content,

– Docs being unable to scale to handle large documents,

– The new Photos program automatically uploading everything it could find from everywhere on every device, including my porn, to Google’s servers (for my convenience),

– Picasa image and album links being intentionally broken (screwing up tons of existing blog posts and web pages), and my web albums deleted, destroying scans of my journals

– and Google in general failing to treat me like a respected customer by even responding to my complaints about censorship (the main issue)..

..I have made the difficult decision, as a long-time customer of many Google products, to stop using Google entirely (a process which is taking me weeks given how deeply I was using Google).

My books are legal, protected free speech under the US Constitution. They are critically acclaimed. To have them censored by Google is ridiculous, and I refuse to use any of your products ever again as a statement of protest.

—Matthew Temple
author of Things Said in Dreams and 21 other novels, memoirs, and nonfiction books; programmer of systems at LexisNexis, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, SIG and many other companies; inventor of new kinds of 1-dimensional cellular automata; former Google fanatic now at

You gotta draw the line somewhere.

Dear Google, (submitted to Google feedback)


You guys have flagged another of my documents as inappropriate, and it’s no longer shareable.

This is a chapter of a novel.

The only reason I’m using Google Docs in the first place is to *share* my docs with people..this is a document I’m using to collaborate with another writer, as we assemble a blog post..

You guys need to look at your flagging system..this is bullshit.  What’s the use of a shared document system when it doesn’t share documents.??

[document URL]

Google’s autocomplete for the word “why”, as of right now

Funny, Research

I don’t know the answer to any of those questions.  And I don’t care to know.  Imagine the neural processes of a person who types “why”, clicks on “is my poop green”, then says “I’m Feeling Lucky”.  Also note that two of the suggested searches involve poop.

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