I’m trying to assemble all my notebooks. Some may have been lost when Google deleted Picasaweb. Still looking through my backups.

Price-discriminating monopolists

Athens, Ohio, Self

In Econ as Harold Winter explained price-discriminating monopolists, and cited the Athena theatre as an example of such a monopolist, I was filled with awe. Imagining college students standing in line to see a movie, all on average smarter than the people running the theatre, some of them knowing about price discrimination. This diabolical juxtaposition of power inspires me. To know mathematics. To know psychology. To know history and philosophy. And to apply my knowledge of the world to the world. I want to marry the academic with the cowboy, beyond bookworm and entrepreneur, into dynamic controller, writer, creator.

Power is control over the news…control over people’s access to the truth. I don’t want that kind of power, but I can imagine, in the same form as I usually admire, the power in controlling the fact that no one in particular controls, owning and distributing power, being one who has the leverage to empower others; this, and nothing more selfish, do I consider power. So a pledge : I pledge never to exercise control over others; if that is impossible or meaningless, I pledge never to exercise undue control over them.

“Truth.”—I don’t even know what that means. “Are you religious?” What do you mean by religious? “Do you believe in God?” What do you mean by God? What are your words to you? Make me know what experience corresponds to your words. I don’t answer these questions; I respond with additional questions, the point of all of whom is to urge