Why I am moving to Medium


In several short points

Tumblr is crap. I loved Tumblr for years. The simple platform is no longer simple, though. The admin interface doesn’t make sense. The templates are better than ever. But the feed never worked out, and no matter what I do, it’s clogged with thinspo, fashion, and microculture blogs that don’t interest me. Good for blogging, bad for community. That’s right, I’m leaving Tumblr behind for good.

Twitter is crap. Stupid responses get the same weight as well-constructed original Tweets, and that doesn’t sit well with me. As I once Tweeted, “Twitter is a cross between a trash can and a circus.” I’m tired of both. No matter how I tailor my feed, there is still the confusion of whether I’m following someone because they’re my friend or I like their content. So I end up muting friends for months, because I like them but hate what they post. That’s right, I am leaving Twitter behind for good.

Also, Twitter and Tumblr both have tons of accounts that post other people’s media without attribution, and while I’m always happy to pick up some cool desktop backgrounds, I am not cool with the rampant lack of attribution.

I am mainly interested in telling people what I am up to, and secondarily interested in what they think of it. I like Medium’s integrated comments better than Tumblr’s outsourced Disqus ones—Disqus always loads slowly (if at all) and Tumblr has messages, plus comments, plus chat: it’s like: am I messaging, commenting, chatting, or what?

I think Medium has it right when it comes to zero customization. I think that is the way of the foreseeable future. I’m so far not all that jazzed with the home page stories on Medium—too self-improvement-ey and Anthony-Robbins-ish (and shallow) for me. But my hope is that people will follow me to see my posts if they want to.

I am willing to narrow the focus of what I put out there. I’m not having any more drunken nights, so I’m no longer Tweeting drunk poetry or just plain Tweeting about being drunk. I am committing that my Medium posts will be about my writing and my mental illness—two subjects that are intimately related. That’s my angle, that’s my only angle, and that’s all I’m going to post about.

For everything else, I’m using email and [shock!] text messages. My email sig has my phone number in it..if I’ve emailed you, you are welcome to text me!

I hope Medium doesn’t go away, change a lot, or succumb to load-related problems like both Twitter and Tumblr did in their beginnings. Help me, Medium—you are my only hope.

Moving on


Going to Louisiana tomorrow with my mom, both my sisters, and my nephew Daniel.  I’m looking forward to meeting him in person for the first time..so far our relationship has been over Skype.

When we get back from Louisiana I’m moving to Vermont.

In Louisiana it will be my grandmother, my aunt and her husband, and maybe their son.  We will eat crawfish if they haven’t been damaged too much by BP.  I hope they’re ok to eat as that’s a family tradition.  I’m looking forward to seeing my grandmother, and everyone.  It’s a treat that so many of us will be together.

I miss my dad.  He’s out of the picture.  He’s still alive, but he just does other things now.  That’s hard for me; really, at 32, that’s the hardest relationship for me to ponder.  I love my dad, I know he loves me.  Our love, somehow, at this time in our lives, doesn’t translate into civil contact.  He is estranged from his ex-wife and 2/3 of his kids.  Dad: you’re a mystery to me, a painful one.  I am sending you love and wishes and, yes, shaking my head a little.  If I had kids I wouldn’t treat them like you do.  I respect you and wish you the best.  And I miss you.

In Vermont I’m renting a room with masters degree students / political people.  They seem cool.  We have a house close to town in Brattleboro.

I’m looking forward to Vermont.  I’m going to write at first, then find a job, probably, and settle in.  Work has been dicey for the last year–I haven’t had any.  Lol.  Jobless recovery.  Well, I don’t need anyone’s permission to be productive, and I always am.  Going to work at finishing my NaNoWriMo novel, and continue looking for a literary agent.  I can write, and you should do what you can do, so I’m doing that.

The thought of a week with extended family stresses me.  Of course everything will be fine, and we’ll all enjoy each other’s company, but it’s always stressful too.  I don’t have as much anxiety about it as I would have had 5 or 10 years ago, though, so that’s a blessing of age.  I think I know now that connections between people are limited, so more and more I can accept their limited–and wonderful–but limited–and wonderful–nature.  We’re not here for all that long anyway so you just forget about perfection and enjoy the communion that exists.

I think 2011 is going to be a great year for me–2010 has been.  I want to write, meditate, meet new people, and hike.  And eat.  I walked through the grocery store in B-Boro and the beef and cheese selection looks amazing.  Here’s to a year much like this one–creative, connected, and happy–with these mods: thinner, published, and richer.